Role of Trinity Opportunity Alliance

  • Provide training for the employer partners’ managers and supervisors on the unique characteristics of foster youth — both their assets and their challenges.

  • Work with Youth Partner Agencies to identify potential candidates for positions.

  • Establish mechanisms to identify issues faced by employers that hire youth.

  • Identify policy and system issues faced by employers and develop strategies to resolve these issues. 

  • Identify ways that faith communities can support the program. 

  • Develop strategies other employers and communities can utilize to scale the program.

Being able to help remove challenges from youth transitioning into adulthood and being productive members of society is reward beyond measure. When we can then guide them into being the future leaders of our company, it is a bonus without boundaries.
— Nate Sadow, Fry’s Food Stores
Feliz Gonzalez (2).jpg

Feliz’s Success Story

TOA’s partnership with supportive employers like Fry’s Food Stores can help foster youth achieve success! Celebrate her story:

Role of Employer Partners

  • Identify one or more open positions with established job descriptions.

  • Interview and hire employees.

  • Create an environment where youth retention, development and growth are given special consideration.

  • Provide mentoring and coaching.

  • Share feedback with TOA.

  • Share positive outcomes from employing the youth.



Are you an employer with entry-level job opportunities available? Would you like training for you or your employees on managing former foster care youth?

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Role of Youth Partner Agencies

  • Identify youth that are aging out of the foster care system.

  • Provide job readiness training and coaching.

  • Assist youth with job applications, interview skills, and more.

  • Provide ongoing support and problem-solving to the youth after they are employed.



Does your organization work with foster care youth or provide mentoring?

Request information on how to get involved with Trinity Opportunity Alliance as a Youth Partner Agency here: