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kaeisha’S STORY

I am 18 years old. 

I have been in foster care since I was 15 years old -- probably not the worst age to be put in care.    

 The first time I was in a group home I was put with my sister, and my two brothers went to a different placement.   That was really hard for me because I was the oldest, and not only that, I’m very protective, so that literally broke me.   I would cry for weeks about that. 

In the long run we all got separated from each other individually.  I would get to have visits with my family but I would have to earn it and wait 14 days of me being in the group home.  I lived in a total of 5 different group homes.

 I lived in one foster home which sucked.  It was literally the worst experience!  It was like she wanted me only for the money the State gave her.

  I was so upset with everything falling apart and I thought to myself my life is over until my case manager at that time told me one day exciting news, and no it’s not as exciting as going home to my grandma, BUT they found a placement for me, my sister, and one of my brothers to go to, and the three of us came together!  My other little brother was around the corner for help.

 Now I am thankful for how everything goes because between moving placements and trying to trust people that are somewhat temporary in my life I still graduated high school.  I did what I knew I could do and I achieved many of my goals from where I was in the beginning, and I said to that everything happens for a reason.

 At the moment, I am facing aging out.  I signed the voluntary, which is good, but it is hard at the same time.  I have to be on top of my stuff and I get distracted easily which is not okay.  I currently have a job that I got from working with Keys to Success.  I really appreciate them a lot.

 I had a choice to go to my grandma, but I declined because they wanted to keep my siblings and plus I wanted to work on my independent skills.   One of my brothers is with my grandma and is doing okay, and the other ran away which is sad and irritating but it is what it is , my sister is doing really good and she is excited for school.

 I just want to say how thankful I am for my grandma not giving up on me and my siblings and being there for us.  My grandma deserves the world -- she went through a lot with us and I don’t know how to repay her for everything.

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