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ben’s STORY

I was still relatively new to the system when I found myself hitting the age of majority. When I was 15, I had found myself thrust into the system, alone. Sure, my biological family was there, but they were not there. When I ended up in my placement of which I will age out from, I was bitter. I was quiet, and my silence showed hatred.

Now, 18, I stand with a family who I love and care for. They taught me skills, lessons, and even though there were rocky times where I had almost been removed from said placement, and times when I laughed and we had campfires and had barbecues in the backyard, overall they are my family and I would not have liked to experience these memories with any other family.

This one woman, who I affectionately call my Tia, has offered to help me with the search of jobs, and homing situations. Tia has taught me so much, and I am so glad that so many others have been impacted by her as well. As a whole, the adults have offered their hand to me over these past years a multitude of times, and overall, made me feel at home.

As I age, I plan to dive into social work, going to community college and moving forwards to helping others who are then in my worn shoes. It is all because of the love I have experienced, that I am choosing to give back. To give back into the community that raised me, that is my first priority as I build my career path. I choose to be a social worker, because I see injustice in the world, and I want to be that guiding figure to those lost kids, like Tia was for me.

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