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In the foster care system in Arizona, youth face incredible challenges when they approach the age when they will be forced out of the system because of age limitations imposed by the state. Their futures can be diminished by the lack of support, caring. and opportunities for positive growth. Trinity Opportunity Alliance (TOA) provides that support by connecting them with partners in the wider community who provide support such as employment opportunities that help establish a foundation of freedom, independence, and pathways to justice, love and compassion.

Now more than ever, we need to work together for the common good, which includes addressing the needs of our most vulnerable community members. TOA is a solid example of how faith-based groups can effectively join forces with community partners to weave our young people into the fabric of a new and stronger community, bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ in a practical way!

In joy and celebration, I share my thanksgiving for the ministry of the Trinity Opportunity Alliance, and congratulate them as they receive the Peace with Justice grant in recognition of all the good they accomplish.
— Bishop Robert T. Hoshibata, Desert Southwest Conference United Methodist Church